A Few Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Here are some useful tips.

Keeping your website relevant is very important to keeping your customers coming back and encouraging new visitors. Here are some useful tips.

Your clients will return to your website more frequently when they see new and updated information on your site. Be sure to evaluate you site regularly for out-of-date verbiage. It is also good to have employees review the site often to suggest new information.

Always make sure all advertising, mailing, stationery and business cards have your website address. It has been found that this is the most common omission of business owners.
Provide commonly asked information on your site for off-hours client support when you do not have phone service. We like to provide an area for both our clients and our vendors. This helps further communication.
Schedule regular search engine updates. Meet semiannually to review “key words” and text for best search engine results.
Research and link through local and industry directory sites, (like your trade association or memberships.)
Have a little fun. A website should be more that just your standard brochure verbiage repeated verbatim. Tell about yourself and your employees.

Remember, boring is bad and a little effort can go along way!