Company Outing Ideas – 30 Ways to Make Your Next Company Outing a Lot More Memorable

Summer is officially here. That means businesses around the country are planning their annual company outings. Company outings are a great way to bond with team members and reduce workplace stress, allowing for employees to get to know each other on a personal level. Whether it’s a golfing scramble or a family-friendly picnic, BPC has […]


History of Printing Past and Future: 1930 vs. 2030

As BPC continues to celebrate our year of 30, we thought it might be fun to look at the history of printing in industry, past and future. Because, as they say, you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Where have we been? Modern printing as we know it began in […]

30 Promotional Items for Your Next Event

Whether at a client party or conference, everyone loves good promotional items. Office accessories, fun apparel, or things people never knew they needed (we’re looking at you, PopSocket!), you’re sure to find more traffic to your booth with some fun collateral. Have an event coming up? We’ve compiled a list of our 30 favorite promotional […]

perfect printing partner

30 Reasons Why BPC Is the Perfect Printing Partner

BPC is continuing the year of 30 celebration by giving you a few great reasons to work with us and how we strive to be your perfect printing partner. Sure, we make amazing products to achieve your company’s goals, but did you know we once played our own version of Fear Factor in the office? […]

Year of 30! 30 Years of Business Printing Company

This August will mark the 30th year that BPC has been in business. We thought it would be a fun idea to use our blog to showcase our “ year of 30 .” We’ll use the blog to share ideas, tips, news, and more, all relating to the number 30. Since this will be the […]