What is the perfect paper for a paper airplane?

Paper types, textures and the such can be down right mind-numbing… but making paper airplanes, now that is awe-inspiring! That is why we are providing this fun little section for understanding paper (airplanes that is). We actually put the paper to the test, see the photos on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

The E-Book Boom and the Increased Value of the Printed Word

We all know that slowly but surely the way entertainment as a whole is changing to adapt to the information/technology age. While specialty stores such as Sam Goody and Borders are closing their doors, things like the Kindle and IPads are dominating the market.

Public Relations in a Changing Industry

With advancing and new technologies, the print industry is changing at a rapid rate. The way we used to communicate is drastically different than the way we communicate today in the business world. Older communication involved Rolodex, 3 x 5 cards, and fax. The phone is still used today, however, that is even changing with […]