4 Tips for Sending the Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

We know what you’re thinking… it’s September, why are you talking to us about our holiday cards already?! But, the reality is, football season has started, Halloween candy is already on the shelves, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. If you’re planning to send corporate holiday cards, now is the time to start thinking about them!

Here are a few quick tips to get your team started!

  1. Plan ahead. It takes time to design, proof, and print your cards. If you wait too long to get started, you can end up paying for rush printing and shipping. While you should think of your corporate holiday cards as an investment in your business, extra fees always sting.

    Additionally, printers get extremely busy this time of year, so the further out you schedule your project, the less you have to worry about tight deadlines and setbacks.

  1. Don’t skimp. Your holiday cards are a direct reflection of your business. Printing them on low-quality paper or with low-grade ink can send the wrong message. The investment in quality can make the difference between a throwaway holiday card or one that is remembered and kept throughout the season and beyond.
  1. Personalize. Each card should contain a handwritten personal message from your team. Adding these personal touches to your card shows clients that you value their business as well as the relationship you have with them.
  1. Add in something extra. If you can, send a little something in each corporate holiday card. It could be simple, like a desk item – a 2018 calendar, a nice pen, a notebook or it could be something a bit bigger – chocolates, padfolio, leather bound journal, or wine. The extra gift will be appreciated and keep you top of mind moving into the New Year.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get moving, before you know it, the holidays will be here!

And don’t forget, BPC is the perfect go-to partner for corporate holiday cards and executive gifts!

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