Paula is a part of our Accounting team!

Paula handles everything from accounting, social media, copier repair, toilet plunging and even keeping the men out of the women’s bathroom.

How long have you been with BPC?
Since 2005!
What is your favorite food?
Chips and Salsa! I could eat them for every meal!
What is your favorite thing to do?
Relax out in nature i.e. riding quads, boating or hiking
Who is one person in history you would like to meet?
Real or fake? I would love to hang out with Marty McFly
What was your first car?
67 Plymouth Belvedere, it was horrible
When you were young, what was your favorite TV show?
Thunder Cats! The original, the new revamp SUCKS!
What are your top 3 favorite movies to watch?
Goonies, Never-ending Story and Weird Science
If you were an animal what would you be?
Cat, then I could sleep for days!
Where would you like to travel to?
Everywhere, as much as possible
Do you sing in the shower?
No, not even in the car, my kids always beg me to stop!