First Impressions

Business cards are still the primary way to exchange information.

With all the new ways to interact within the business community, we cannot forget the most important. Business cards are still the primary way to exchange information. While ‘bumping’ smart phones is easy, most small to medium sized businesses do not have the resources to equip their employees with such luxuries.

Email is great but who remembers the address or has a way to quickly record it. Simply stating check out my website is only as good as the domain you have. There’s only one chance to get it right.

First impressions are very important, but if you are not careful you may ruin it without knowing. Imagine, you’re at a high-class conference, mingling, exchanging ideas and contact info with a variety of people, leaving with the feeling that you made numerous prospective connections. Now what? If your lucky you may get a call, you might have said something interesting or funny enough to put a face with a card. Now think, if you had a unique tool that would instantly bring recognition to you, would you use it? I am not talking about cards with your picture on it; I am talking about the wow factor.

Successful business comes from successful connections. I present my cards to everyone, customers, prospects, vendors and even some businesses I use for personal reasons. I want to stand out of the everyday crowd and evoke the wow from every person I meet. Apart from common paper there are numerous specialty types of cards to choose from. My personal favorite is the plastic, but you can also get metal, rubber, magnets (great for the medical field) and even real wood. Your image is only as eye catching as your card. People still like having a physical connection and you should be sure yours stands out.

While being creative can improve others first impression of you, follow up will help create a lasting impression. Once you have the contact info for the other party its time for follow up. Send an email with a quick “thanks” or “nice to meet you” note that includes a where/when you met remark. This will help reinforce their memory of you. Always make sure your email signature includes all the same information as your card.