LDE films on the making of “Man of Tin”

Getting back behind the camera again has been a big treat.

It had been awhile since LDE Films has been able to add to our portfolio but with the help of Business Printing we are once again back on track.

Business Printing Company was extremely helpful with providing us, not only an outlet for our videos, but also use of their facility for our filming and extras where needed. Several of us have worked with them in the past and it was great to be able to come back and work with them on our venture. With their help we will now be able to restart production and get the ball rolling again on future projects. We have several videos scheduled to Business Printing as well as some of our own personal LDE material.

This video was especially fun because not only was it our first time getting together to shoot in over a year but we got to “nerd out” with all the Superman jokes. Several takes were done where I leaped the trash can but several were unusable due to being able to see the padding when I landed. It wasn’t until we removed the padding that we were able to get the final take you see in the video (I wish we would have had another camera filming the actual landings, that would have been fun to see). It’s tough to see in the video but I am actually wearing blue tights in the bathroom scene, which was a fun challenge all on its own. Overall I think we managed to produce a great final product and we cant wait to work with Business Printing again in the future. Thank you to all of those who watched and enjoyed this video and keep your eyes out for video 2 titled “Anger Management”
See the video here: