Plastic Business Cards

Plastic cards are a great way to make your company memorable.

Choosing a business card design is difficult in it-self, but once all the revisions are done and the look is perfected, then comes the question. Do I want paper, plastic, metal or something else? While there are numerous choices out there, we will explore the ups and downs of the plastic card.

Plastic cards are not limited to business cards; they can be useful for numerous promotional events and important employee information.

The plastic card comes in three base colors:

Opaque White

Sizes include

2” x 3.5” (generally used for Business Cards)
4.25” x 6” (generally used for Post Cards)

(Other sizes may be available as custom orders)

Most Plastic Cards are produced with rounded corners. The rounding can be either a 1/4” or 1/8” radius. The plastic is a 20 point weight and it very durable.

When considering the color to use note that frosted cards are transparent.

Don’t worry if you want another color, any color can be placed on the cards, the colors listed above are the base. It’s like the primer when painting a house.

Plastic cards are smooth to the touch and don’t become worn or washed out looking like a traditional paper card. Even the washer and dyer wont ruin these cards. The cards are less expensive then some might think, making it affordable to stand out.

While I personally love the plastic cards, there is one thing to consider. They are plastic, therefore you can not write on them. This may be an undesirable feature for those who utilize referrals or like to put comments and/or additional information on the back.

Just as each company is unique, so should your business cards be. Look at all your options up front and make sure you have done a little home work before settling in to a card you may not fully enjoy showing off. Give us a call @ 858-453-2111 to help you explore the vast amount of options available.