Public Relations in a Changing Industry

With advancing and new technologies, the print industry is changing at a rapid rate.

The way we used to communicate is drastically different than the way we communicate today in the business world. Older communication involved Rolodex, 3 x 5 cards, and fax. The phone is still used today, however, that is even changing with the advancement of computer technology involving instant communication over the internet and live streaming capability. Since people and businesses are becoming more comfortable with instant technology, how does the print industry stay relevant in a highly changing world, and if we are still relevant, how do we communicate that?

The main facet of Public Relations is the ability to communicate to others your function, services, products, and capabilities. This is something that has to be maintained on a regular basis, not just once every decade. If you are still using that Rolodex and type writer, then you might want to read this. One of the ways to stay relevant is to let customers, prospects, the media, and your competition know that you are still here. What I mean by that is Let them know that you are willing to change based on the way you communicate. What tools can we use today in order to communicate more effectively?

Using today’s technology certainly won’t hurt. Phone and email are a given today, however, there is a growing machine defined as social media. If you can utilize the strengths of social media then you will have the ability to communicate who you are and what you do in the fastest possible way. Other ways to better communicate are by utilizing an aggressive tool like search engines. Your goal with a search engine is to be the first to pop up when someone does a search within your realm of expertise. With these tools, you can communicate to customers, prospects, and trade partners within the print industry.

It is important as well for you to communicate to your employees who you are and what you want to be, so they can internally work more efficiently towards a common goal. If your company statement is preaching a certain way to the outside world and your employees are communicating something different then there will be conflict and confusion. Once that line of communication is accomplished internally, then you can let the corporate world know who you are.

So, how does the print industry stay relevant in a highly changing world, and if we are still relevant, how do we communicate that? “The Business Printing Company” (BPC) has been around for years and has seen a lot of change. They have grown due to hard work and dedication by way of its management and employees. Can hard work be enough? A lot of the time hard work is enough, but imagine taking that hard work and combining it with modern technology. The time has come now where BPC is starting to communicate who they are and how their capabilities can help your company with the best solutions. BPC is not this dinosaur print shop suffocating itself by trying to keep its presses running, which in turn helps with meeting a client’s needs of any communication service, keyword being “any” service. That is how BPC will continue to stay relevant in a growing and changing industry.