Sheeted Vs. Single labels

Do you know the difference between sheeted vs. single?

The advantage of sheeted labels is they come in tidy little stacks that are easy to store, distribute and use. Many customers prefer them over their popular cousin “the roll label”.

Just about any label can be converted to a sheeted format. Common examples are sports decals, bumper stickers, parking decals, hazardous material labels and equipment identification decals.
When ordering a sheeted label you have two methods available for removing the liner material. The first option is a Back Slit. This method requires you to flip the label over and bend the liner slightly to expose an edge so it can be peeled off and thrown away.
The second method is to use a Peel Tab. We cut a 1/4″ slit in the face of the label so all you have to do is bend it a little at the slit and remove the desired label. There are less application steps involved in the peel tab method which makes it faster and more efficient.

Courtesy of guest commentary Steve Brookshire