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Trade shows, expos, and conventions are a great way to build brand awareness, make connections, and generate new business. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to stand out from the crowd, especially at larger events. Luckily, there are ways you can help make both your booth and your business memorable at these events. Here are four quick tips to help you get started.

  1. Hand out the best swag. Think a little outside the box when it comes to the promotional items you hand out at your events. You know every business is likely going to be handing out pens or key chains, so try to avoid the more obvious (and, frankly, boring) choices. Pick swag that can be useful for attendees so you know they’ll hold onto it and therefore keep your business top of mind a little longer. Need ideas?
    1. Smart wallets
    2. Stainless steel water bottles
    3. Stain remover sticks
    4. Bluetooth speakers
    5. Desk puzzles
  2. Wear fun event attire. Most vendors are going to be dressed business casual or similar. Help your booth stand out by having your team dress in custom designed, colorful shirts or uniforms.
  3. Use high quality marketing materials. Make sure your marketing materials are relevant to the event you’re attending. Print your materials on high quality paper or stock. Be creative with your messaging and shapes! Anything to differentiate you from other vendors is a win.
  4. Make your signage stand out. Your booth signage is what attracts attendees to your booth. Use eye-catching colors. Don’t be afraid to use die-cuts for your signs and banners. Use special lighting to highlight your banners and booth. Brand your tablecloth and use it as its own display. Making your booth signage and messaging unique is going to increase your traffic flow and help generate new business.

Key takeaways? Think outside the box. Events are usually a lot of the same. Be different and memorable in all facets of your event marketing. As always, Team BPC is here to help you craft the perfect event marketing strategy. Reach out today to get started!