Top Printing Trends of 2018

2018 was an innovative year in the offset printing and promotional industry. As business and communication priorities evolve, so do the methods to meet them. Take a look at the top printing trends we saw in our industry this year.


A big trend in 2018 saw the convergence of digital and print in various forms. Digital companies like Airbnb have embraced print to connect online campaign efforts to offline media and touchpoints. Sports Illustrated, a traditional print magazine, leveraged scannable pages to unlock exclusive digital content for its subscribers.


There’s more to foil than just the dated bronze and gold colors of the past. Today’s foil comes in nearly every color imaginable and can be leveraged in a variety of creative ways to help enhance your brand, design, or message.


Paper is tactile; therefore, a successful piece should account for more than just the look. Selecting uncoated papers with unique finishes or added textures by way of embossing, debossing, or raised ink can add an element of surprise. If your print piece looks and feels significant, customers are more likely to hold onto it longer.


Colors have the power to change moods. 2018 saw a move away from subdued pastels and move toward bright and bold colors, giving clients an extra vitality in an otherwise ordinary print piece.

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