Unique Corporate Gifts – Ideas

Holidays are a great time to say thank you or remind a client or customer that you appreciate them, but often times, businesses end up sending gifts with a short shelf life, like candy or fruit. Here at BPC, we like to think that the best kind of corporate holiday gifts are unique gifts – ones that serve a purpose, no matter what month it is, and, in turn, keep your business top of mind all year round!

Here’s a quick roundup of our favorite gifts to give:

  • Calendars: Whether you choose to send a wall, desk, or perpetual calendar, you know your name will stick around for at least a year and is likely something customers or clients will look at almost daily. Plus, calendars are super customizable and come in many different shapes and sizes to ensure the one you create makes a statement.
  • Coasters: We said these would be unique corporate gifts! Anyone who has ever had a water bottle or cup of coffee on their desk knows about the condensation rings that are left behind. Coasters are perfect way to solve a common workplace problem while giving customers or clients something to look at every day (your company logo)
  • Coffee Mugs: As noted above, a staple of almost every desk is a coffee mug. Sending mugs as a gift definitely ensures prominent placement around your customer’s or client’s office. There are so many different shapes, sizes, types, and colors to choose from, so while a coffee mug may not seem very special, you and your team can create one that’s really unique and stands out among all the others.
  • Blankets: We know this one sounds out there, but sending a nice, cozy blanket as a holiday gift feels really personal, as well as thoughtful and inviting. The blankets may not stay at the office all year, but a quality blanket will end up going home with your client or customer. This means every time they cuddle up with it, they’re going to be thankful for you!

These are just a few of our favorite unique corporate gift ideas; check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

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