What is the perfect paper for a paper airplane?

Paper types, textures and the such can be down right mind-numbing…

but making paper airplanes, now that is awe-inspiring! That is why we are providing this fun little section for understanding paper (airplanes that is). We actually put the paper to the test, see the photos on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

Beginner Planes, the most common of all designs
These tend to be very simple, easy and cost effective. We recommend using a 20lb Bond or 24lb Laser for the basic Arrow plane. Both the bond and laser are relatively smooth and provide a very aero dynamic surface. If you have ever worked in an office, you probably used either paper, and if you ever made a paper airplane it was most likely the Arrow. Both are very basic but they always get the job done.

If you are looking for a little more glide, you may want to consider the Glider, using an 80lb Cougar. The Glider requires a little more weight and the Cougar delivers the look of a more expensive text and cover sheet without the related high costs. It has a smooth white surface that keeps colors rich and images vivid. The Glider has a large wing area allowing it to drift slowly to the ground. But watch out, if you give it a hard push, it may flip over and come flying back toward you.

Intermediate Planes, for those who require a challenge
The Canard is one of our favorite designs, we particularity love that it boasts a long, straight floating design that has small wings on the front of the plane. For the Canard we like to use 24lb Classic Linen, an acid-free subtle linen finish with a hint of satin.

If you are a fast and furious type, the Bullet is what you are looking for. The only paper one should consider for this guy is the 24lb Capitol Bond. The Bullet flies fast and far but can be unstable if one does not firmly and accurately complete the folds. Capitol Bond is produced with 25% cotton fiber and is watermarked, is archival quality and acid-free for longer life.

Advanced Planes, for the more competitive variety
2Fast and 2Furious comes to mind when we think of the Stealth. It may not go the distance as the Glider but boy does it go fast. Smooth paper is required for this speed demon. We recommend 8.5×11-32# Mohawk Color Copy Gloss Writing Pure White 16M Mohawk Color Copy Gloss Writing – Acid free – 96 brightness. Laser and color copier guaranteed (subject to OEM recommendations and guidelines and limits). Be careful, this baby flies!

Unusual and Exotic Planes, where imagination meets sophistication
The Needle is a complex design that can test your skills. We think this plane is worthy of the most exotic of papers, the Strathmore Elements Writing – Attractive designs – acid free. 20% post-consumer recycle fiber. Laser and inkjet guaranteed. Made with Green-e certified renewable wind energy. What better to use for a paper airplane than a paper produced by wind energy!

No matter which plane or paper you choose, always consider your desired end result. To learn more about our vast selection of paper, contact one of our knowledgeable consultants today!