A few laps in a Lamborghini

Lee had the opportunity to test out a Lamborghini! Check out what he had to say!

I went as merely an observer, we had purchased the car driving package for my father-in-law as a Christmas present. But when there we found out you could pay to add on laps for anyone in the party. And I was one of those lucky add ons. I chose the Lamborghini because the track looked like it had a longer straight away. I just wanted to go fast. And that’s what I did. The first lap was a get to know ya lap for the car and I. After that, I punched it. It was really a thrill to drive a car that is as responsive as I want it to be. When I floor it, brake or turn it happens. With normal street cars you floor it and have to wait a sec for the car to think about it and do it. This is not the case with the Lambo. I was able to put my foot down a bit and get after it. I have had a little bit of evasive driving training in the past and was able to take almost all the turns with screeching tires and with speed. In one corner I wavered a bit but was able to bring it right back due to the responsive steering and brakes. All in all, I walked away with a rush and jittery with excitement. I said… Oh, so that’s why people buy these kind of cars.

Check out his ride: